Welcome to our website! Since moving to C A L I F O R N I A the family has been busy!! New job for Dad, new school for the kids and new volunteer opportunities for Mom. Most important a lot of new things to see and do!  (Like SKI...and BOARD Tahoe, picture above)









Update August 2006

Odette’s Phone:           614-404-1412

Joe’s Phone:               614-284-1157

Odette’s Email:           Odette@Kardek.com

Joe’s Emails:              Joe@Kardek.com

The ‘Girls’  E-mail:     KardekGirls@Kardek.com





Whats new…


· Big Birthday month ahead…..for two of the girls, Odette and ???

· Shore living is in full swing…..the girls are loving the summer. (see the pictures below)

· The girls are busy sailing the ‘shore’ and competing in swimming.

· The house renovation got a ‘thumbs up’ from the summer inhabitants! Whewww...

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